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Thoughts on one of the presentations

The presentation that I want to discuss about is the one about cybersecurity. This topic was interesting to me because security and privacy are two things that I am interested in when it comes to technology. People may think about our privacy being under threat when there is less security and while that is true to an extent, we should also be weary about cybersecurity that takes advantage of our personal information. It sounds ironic that a program designed to protect our information would do the very thing that it claims to be fighting against, but there are programs that once it is installed will record everything you do online and keep a log of everything you do on the computer. For example, some VPNs (virtual private networks) may do its job in terms of protecting people from outside threats, but the VPN itself may be collecting the user's personal information. A lot of VPNs that are headquartered in the United States are not very reliable. In contrast, VPNs from western count…

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